Thursday, September 28, 2017


It's been a long time since I've posted on this particular blog.
These photos are from our return trip home.
Big E and I opted to go through the less congested areas
when we headed home after the 4th of July weekend.
We enjoy checking out state parks and looking for new places to camp.
This stop was at Westmoreland State Park on the Potomac.
We've stopped here before.
The dogs enjoyed the short hike,
though it was pretty hot out.
Bailey (on the right) is definitely trying to figure out
how she can get down the steep ravine and get to the water.
I'm hoping this is the start of more regular blogging here.
Life gets busy sometimes,
and we develop other interests.
I've been backpacking and blogging about that here
as well as working on a historical home and blogging about that here.
Stay tuned!

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Sad News

It's been a while since I posted on this blog (nearly a year), 
and, unfortunately, my return brings some sad news.  
There was a little theater in Mathews County called Donk's.
It was built in the 40's and operated as a movie theater.  
After closing it's doors, it sat vacant until it was reopened in 1975 as a country music venue.  
People like Mickey Gilley, Ernest Tubb and Dolly Parton 
played at the theater that became known as Virginia's own Lil Ole Opry.
Sadly, Friday night, January 22, the roof to the auditorium collapsed
under the weight of snow and ice.
The lucky part was that no one was inside at the time,
and the iconic marquee sign was undamaged.
The building will need to be demolished, 
but the property owners will save the marquee.
I haven't heard yet if the building will be rebuilt,
but I'm hoping it will.
The area won't be the same at all without Donk's.
*Photos courtesy of Kelly Fike*

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Winter Wednesday

My dad took this photo a week or so ago after one of the first snowfalls down in Deltaville
and right before the second large snowfall.
Currently, they've had a bit more snow than we have here up in northern Maryland/southern Pennsylvania.
Unfortunately, that's about to change tonight into tomorrow.
When is Spring??

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Ship Quits Seas After 69 Years

That's the headline from a 1958 edition of the Tonawanda News that I came across while researching information about the ship Eva S. Cullison.  The Eva S. Cullison was a schooner owned by my great great grandfather John Aaron Jackson.  He used her to harvest oysters from the Chesapeake Bay.
 The article I found reads:

Rockland, ME, The two masted schooner Eva S. Cullison has been dry docked after 69 years of sailing along the East Coast.  The all white craft recently was towed into Lermond's Cove here where she will be used a a training ship for the local unit of the U.S. Coast Guard Reserve.  The vessel was built in Baltimore in 1888 and formerly plied the Bahama fruit trade.  Since 1951,  Capt. Frank Swift of Camden, ME had operated the Eva S. Cullison as one of his summer windjammer cruise ships.  She has been called the last of the Baltimore-built Chesapeake Bay coastal schooners.

My great great grandfather owned the Eva S. Cullison after she was used in the Bahama fruit trade and before she was sold  to be used in Capt. Swift's windjammer fleet.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Deltaville According to the Brat Child

So, I was having a brain fart about what I should blog about, so I did what every smart person would do-
 I asked the 8 year old. 
What should I write about Deltaville tonight?

His response:
Well, there used to be pirates around Deltaville.

There used to be a lot of beaches and islands.  
This one island went under water and never came back up.  

 It has couple of bridges too. 

You can ride boats there
and you can buy a lot of oysters and crabs 
but there aren't a lot of McDonald's.  
There really isn't.  
I think that's kinda weird.
So there you have it. 

Friday, January 9, 2015

Stingray Point

I'm not a fan of change,
and change in Deltaville is worse than change anywhere else.
I'd really prefer it still be the way it was back in the 80's
when the Stop N Shop was still there
and The Little Sue was still The Little Sue
and there wasn't any traffic.
But most of all, 
I'd still like to be able to swim here 
at Stingray Point.
I wish I could build giant sand sculptures of sharks and crabs 
with my son the way I used to build them when I was his age.
Or try to catch minnows in buckets,
float around on a raft
or dig in the sand looking for Captain Smith's body
(he didn't die there but as a kid I thought he had and thought he was buried on the beach).
change sucks.

Thursday, January 8, 2015


One of the most iconic places along the road to Deltaville
is Horne's Restaurant.
You can see its bright yellow roof
snugged between routes 301 and 17 in Port Rotal, VA.
It was our bathroom stop.
Back in the day,
it was one of the only places to stop between Waldorf, MD and Tappahannock, VA.

Horne's was the brain child of a candy salesman named Mr. Horne.
He modeled his store after Stucky's stores.
After the building of I95,
old roads heading North and South weren't as well traveled 
and many of the Horne's stores closed.
The location in VA is one of only a few Horne's left
operated by independent owners.
They have food and ice cream,
gas, souvenirs
and bathrooms.
And they're open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week including holidays
Stop at Horne's
and make your bladder happy!