Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Reception

 After the ceremony there were pictures.
 We actually suggested that one of the photographers 
cluck like a chicken to get Baby X to laugh.
He did- awesome shot.
 My mom was two-fisting it.
(Not really, she was just holding my brother and sister's beer.)

 It's how we roll.
The Brat Child photobombing in the background.
 We actually hiked up to the falls.
Hiking in a wedding dress is no easy feat.
I got several interesting stares
but mostly people congratulated us.
 We also took photos on the famous Swinging Bridge
We arrived!
 We had our first dance.
 My dad and I danced.
 The brat Child and I danced.
He had this whole plan to dance to Ghostbusters 
with Nerf guns 
and pretend we were hunting ghosts.
He chickened out.
 There was delicious cake

 And time with friends and family


The End.

If you're interested in any of the DIY projects I did, you can check out my other blog The Wannabe Farm where I will share some of the details.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Wedding

Now that the wedding is over,
I can finally share some of the details.
Cascade Falls
 The wedding and ceremony were held at Patapsco Valley State Park.
If you've read older posts on this blog,
you might remember the name of the park.
My great-uncle "Pepop
was once the superintendent here.
Bloede Dam
I spent a lot of time here as a kid too.
And one of my grandmother's favorite photos:
l to r: my brother, my grandmother, my sister and me
was taken at this park.
So it made sense to have it here.
 I had my custom made wedding shoes.
Since the wedding took place on flag day
and all bride's need something blue
I went with the blue and red theme.
The wedding date is embroidered on the side. 
Yes, I know I'm wicked cool.  
 There was the arranging of the arbor.
The arbor was built by Big E.
We cut the the branches for it ourselves
 from trees needing to be cleared from the fence line at home.
The day of the ceremony it was realized that the arbor wasn't quite sturdy enough,
so my dad and brother helped with those corner supports you see in the back.
 My sister did the flower arranging.
She actually did all the actual hands on arranging-
I just gave instruction on what flowers went into what arrangements. 
(from what I heard, my brother also helped with the flower arranging on the arbor)
My brother Lunchbox being cool- in my gardening gloves.
There was setting up of the chairs.
And by chairs I mean straw bales.
The finished product for the ceremony.
I scored those 2 large hydrangeas last minute.

The Brat Child looking serious.
The Brat Child looks so solemn
and Baby X is hanging onto the wagon with both hands.
I just now realized that my dad wore his sunglasses.

Here's the first look.
 There was the ceremony
 Midge sang "A Thousand Years" by Christina Perri
 Then Big E surprised me with a song "Grow Old Along With Me"
Then we kissed.

Tomorrow I'll share the other photos.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Another Tree

Anyone who has read this blog before knows about my love affair with a tree at Aaron's Beach in Mathews, VA.
 This tree.
But the tree finally succumbed to the elements and is no longer standing.
So while on my honeymoon cruise to the Caribbean,
we stopped in Freeport Bahamas
and drove our Jeep Caravan out into the ocean
(on a road not, like, on the water).
And at the point was this little tree that appealed to me.
 It occurred to me that it was similar to my little tree in Mathews
(only this one wasn't dead).
And I wasn't the only one who saw the resemblance,
Big E said it reminded him of my tree too.
I guess I'll have to start traveling to the Bahamas on a regular basis 
in order to visit with the tree.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Hurricane a' Comin'

Hurrican Arthur swiped past on its way to the Atlantic.
We had some gusty winds up to 50 MPH
and rain
and water nearly up to the pier.
All in all, pretty hum drum.