Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Sad News

It's been a while since I posted on this blog (nearly a year), 
and, unfortunately, my return brings some sad news.  
There was a little theater in Mathews County called Donk's.
It was built in the 40's and operated as a movie theater.  
After closing it's doors, it sat vacant until it was reopened in 1975 as a country music venue.  
People like Mickey Gilley, Ernest Tubb and Dolly Parton 
played at the theater that became known as Virginia's own Lil Ole Opry.
Sadly, Friday night, January 22, the roof to the auditorium collapsed
under the weight of snow and ice.
The lucky part was that no one was inside at the time,
and the iconic marquee sign was undamaged.
The building will need to be demolished, 
but the property owners will save the marquee.
I haven't heard yet if the building will be rebuilt,
but I'm hoping it will.
The area won't be the same at all without Donk's.
*Photos courtesy of Kelly Fike*