Friday, October 31, 2014

shots from the water

So during my last trip to Aaron's Beach,
I spent most of the time floating around in the water.  
I enjoy having my feet firmly on the ground, 
or at least knowing I can put my feet firmly on the ground.
Big E tends to go out as far as he can, 
even if he can't touch the bottom.
(that's him in the above photo where the arrow is)
So he tries to take me out in the deep
with all those sharks and things in the water.
I broke free from his grip on my floaty screaming and running for shore
resisted at first
then I realized
1. I have a waterproof camera and
2. I could get some shots from the water
Can't say the cormorants were pleased with the invasion,
and I was extremely worried about the waves
bashing me against the pilings.
But I'm glad I ventured out in the deep.
Next time hopefully the waves won't be so big
and I won't have trouble taking shots while bobbing up and down.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Afternoon at the Beach

During my last visit, 
my mom and Big E and I all went to Aaron's Beach for the afternoon.
There was a strong gale brisk wind blowing in off the water,
and it had the waves so high it sounded like the ocean.
Despite that, we ventured in with our various floaties and chilled out.
My mom chillin with her noodles
Here you can see the top of Big E's head.
This demonstrates the height of the waves-
I was in the trough between two waves 
and Big E was on the downside of the next wave.

Having a waterproof digital camera is awesome.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Throwback Thursday

l-r: Kim (or Christie I don't remember which) me, my cousin Ty, his dad Uncle Ray and cousin Jeff

This photo is circa 1980-something.
Based on my look here, I'm thinking early 80's.
This is the sort of thing we did back in the day for fun-
rode in the dump cart of Pepop's lawn tractor
with my cousin Jeff driving.
Nowadays kids drive in their own golf carts
like it's Florida or something
Seeing this photo reminds me of another fun past time
that involved the shell of a push mower. 
That is to say, it had the motor and blades removed
but still had the wheels and handle.
We'd take turns sitting on it while the others pushed us around as fast as they could.
I once took a tumble and ended up with a nice slice.
Seriously, I'm surprised we didn't get serious head injuries ended up keeping all our limps
didn't kill ourselves
didn't get tetanus.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Throwback Thursday

Since I haven't had much time for doing anything that resembles fun or not work blogging, 
I figured if I stick with the quick and easy typical daily prompts 
(the throwback Thursdays, the Wordless Wednesdays, etc) 
I'll at least be able to have something quick to share.

This photo is circa July 1985.
That's me on the left in the Bazooka T-shirt, 
my sister in the middle and my brother on the right.
I was nearly 10 in this photo.
That's Pepop's shed/trailer and house in the background
and our old green shed
that was a breeding ground for Black Widow spiders
(or so my grandmother would have me think).
The couch we're sitting on is actually sporting a lovely floral slip cover
to make the ugly couch prettier
or protect the beautiful fabric
depending on who you ask I guess.