Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Deltas

The grass is growing, birds are singing and the bats are swinging- it's baseball season!  But, like many people feel these days, the major league teams don't have much to offer me these days.  Once I was a die hard O's fan, then Cal Ripkin, Jr. retired, Brady Anderson left, BJ Surhoff was traded and the coup de gras- Rafeal Palmero swearing he had never used performance enhancing drugs and then testing positive for them.  Talk about let down. 

So where do you go to watch baseball the Good Ole American way?  You go to the Deltaville Ballpark. 

Is there any simpler name than the Deltaville Ballpark?  Short and to the point, with no advertising for a bank or telephone company- simply named for the town it's in.  And when was the last time you can remember paying $5 to see a baseball game?  And get a hot dog and drink for under $5 (I think $5 gets you half a drink at a major league stadium). 
And then there is the history of the stadium itself.  It was built in 1948, and I've been told my very own great grandfather helped with the construction.  The grandstands hold approximately 500 fans with the home crowd sitting along the 3rd base line or home plate.  Fans are protected from foul balls by crab pot wire as it is abundantly available in the area. And if you happen to retrieve a foul ball, it can be turned in to the concession stand for a $0.50 reward.  An interesting bit of information- there are a pair of nesting osprey on one of the outfield lights who sometimes leave dead fish carcasses for the outfielders to find.  Niiiice.

As far as the team, the Deltaville Deltas are a member of the Southern Virginia Baseball League and predate the ballpark.  I heard somewhere that the name Deltas came about because Deltaville didn't fit on the jersey, I can't remember where I read that but it sounds good.  They are a semi-pro team and according to my 15 year old daughter, there are several hotties on the team. 
So next time you're feeling let down by all those grown up children making millions to play a game, head on over to Deltaville and enjoy the sport that way it's supposed to be enjoyed: with family, fans and affordably. 
This is a shot of my son and a family friend enjoying the game.  My son said after I took this shot, "Hmm, this is a good basketball game" I have my work cut out for me...


  1. That's my favoritest (it's a word) basketball arena!

    Also, your daughter is right - it's the BEST place to hottie watch.

    I've been meaning to look up their schedule and I will DEFINITELY be making a trip over there soon. If you're in town and want to go, give me a holler.

    How amazing that your great grandfather helped build it?

    I know several very wonderful, not hard on the eye Mathews men who have played under those lights. Love that place.

  2. CBW- Hoping to make it down in May... where does the time go??? And it would be great fun to watch a game with you!

    Yes, I concur with you and my daughter, definite hottie watching :)