Monday, September 27, 2010

Poetry Yet Again...

Lately I've been slacking in the blogging department.  Perhaps time is the problem, or a brain too engaged in thought to be able to link together a coherent sentence.  Whatever the reason, I have been uninspired to blog much of anything.  So once again, I have dusted off something to share that at least I wrote even if I wrote it long ago....

Holding Each Other After Making Love

I silently question my beauty 
as the curves (the ones society
thinks I shouldn't have) press against your body-
slick and hot
like a yellow moon floating
in a humid sky.

I silently question my beauty.
Your whispers
smooth and comforting
tell me I'm beautiful.
Your hands roam my body
worshipping; assuring
making my skin shivery.

I love you.
You are invigorating and familiar;
you are the snowflakes melting on my tongue.

                                                   ~Jamie L. Jackson