Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Aqua Lodge- A Rich Man's Shanty Boat

On the docks at Broad Creek floats a small village.  
That's right, I said floats.
Meet the AquaLodge.  
A glorified shanty boat complete with living room, small kitchen and bedroom. 
Some even have a loft area.  
The going price for the one I like (the Cadillac of AquaLodges) is $60,000.
Some even come with little balconies.
I think one of these would look lovely parked on a certain dock in Queen's Creek.


  1. Oh I agree .. it would look fabulous .. maybe we could all chip in ..

  2. I have wanted one of these for a long time. Well, for a while.

    Mine must have a balcony.

    And no neighbors. Which may be an issue, except that I just now read your last line.

    There's plenty of room at the end of a certain dock on Queens Creek.


    1. You can buy diredct from the Tennessee factory.

  3. Does anyone know if there are any currently for sale there now????