Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Things I Do For Photos

During Memorial Day Weekend, I had the opportunity to visit a local private beach (thank you CBW and Waterman JP!).  The beach was down near the New Point Comfort Lighthouse, and I was hoping to get a shot of the lighthouse from somewhere other than the observation deck.
So, I started off down the beach with my  significant other.
My goal was to head way down to the end where you can see the green reeds growing in the distance.
I knew that the lighthouse was just around the bend, on the other side of the reeds.
No problem.
Then I got to the reed forest.
It was well over my head and there was no way I could walk through the reeds so my option was to find a way around them. 
At the edge of the reeds near the water, it was nothing but mud and 
pointy broken off reeds sticking out of the ground.  
Pointy broken off reeds are very sharp and hurt really bad.
Being the brainiac that I am, I started out in bare feet. 
The only other option was trying to go out in the water to walk around the corner of the beach.
Being the awesome boyfriend he is, my significant other went to see if this was a better solution.
Unfortunately, he ended up with several cuts and scratches from all the the hidden tree stumps.

I did make it around the edge of the reeds to get my shot of the light house.
On the way back to our section of the beach, I apologized to my significant other for having him wade out in the water and get cut up. 
And he told me he would have carried me out there on his shoulders if he had to just so I could get the photo.
Seriously, how did I get so lucky?


  1. Wonderful.

    p.s. I got chiggers trying to cut through that (presumably) same batch of reeds (but from the road) to get what I thought would be the perfect shot as well--several years ago before I knew about This Perfect Beach. On the way there, I tripped over some old tombstones lying on the ground....next time you're here I'll show you.

    Great pictures and it was a great day. I thank Waterman JP too.

  2. Oh, what a nice story! Great shot of the lighthouse, too.