Thursday, August 16, 2012

Sharks at Haven Beach

This old fisherman caught a juvenile sand shark one evening as we were enjoying the beach (I have no clue why I didn't pull out my camera to take a photo of it).  He let the Brat Child touch its skin and told us he had caught about 12 sharks that week in total fishing from the rocks at Haven Beach.  We watched as he gently let the shark go back to the Bay.

  This was in sharp contrast to the gentleman who caught a juvenile sand shark this past August.  He did show it to my mother and the Brat Child as they walked by, and then he proceeded to gut it right there on the beach.  Now, I've heard that you have to clean a shark pretty soon after catching it if you want to use it for your supper.  However, I think throwing the guts into the area where people swim is slightly rude.  Especially when there were people actually swimming there.  Nothing says relaxation more than watching seagulls fly off with shark intestines dangling from their beaks.
You're welcome for that image.

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