Wednesday, September 12, 2012

VA State Bird

anopheles quadrimaculatus
The state bird of Virginia is the mosquito.  
Please note the shadow being cast by this particular bird bug on the bathroom wall. 
 I learned that this species of mosquito is known as a vector for human malaria. 
Luckily, malaria was eradicated from the US back in the 1950's.  
Unfortunately, it wasn't because they got rid of the birds bugs that transmit the disease.


  1. The enemy! This and an ant are all it takes to put me in full-on war mode.

    Well, a few other things will do that too, for example a certain species of pig.

  2. and now we have west nile .. i guess it took them a while to find something to replace malaria .. nasty itchy bites werent enough

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  4. Those mosquitoes are pissing me off. Their bites hurt a lot and leaves red patches that sometimes turns to dark scars. Ugh! Don't forget they also are disease carriers like dengue and malaria.
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  5. Malaria is really a deadly disease carried by these mosquitoes. Thanks for sharing this one. Keep posting please.

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