Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Reception

 After the ceremony there were pictures.
 We actually suggested that one of the photographers 
cluck like a chicken to get Baby X to laugh.
He did- awesome shot.
 My mom was two-fisting it.
(Not really, she was just holding my brother and sister's beer.)

 It's how we roll.
The Brat Child photobombing in the background.
 We actually hiked up to the falls.
Hiking in a wedding dress is no easy feat.
I got several interesting stares
but mostly people congratulated us.
 We also took photos on the famous Swinging Bridge
We arrived!
 We had our first dance.
 My dad and I danced.
 The brat Child and I danced.
He had this whole plan to dance to Ghostbusters 
with Nerf guns 
and pretend we were hunting ghosts.
He chickened out.
 There was delicious cake

 And time with friends and family


The End.

If you're interested in any of the DIY projects I did, you can check out my other blog The Wannabe Farm where I will share some of the details.

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