Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Deltaville is full of dogs.  Big ones, little ones, dirty ones, clean ones, fixed ones, broken ones.... all kinds of dogs.  Here are some of the dogs from our family:

Murphy was our Golden Retriever who passed away before the age of 4.  We are certain it was from eating raisins which we learned were toxic to dogs- after the fact.  Yes, those are goggles she is wearing.  She was not fond of the water unless it was bathwater warm.  She liked to ride in the kayak (but I have no pics of that).

This is Bunches who is not owned by anyone in my family.  She lives somewhere across the creek and swims over when she hears other people playing/swimming.  She has spent a lot of time swimming with the dogs and kids.

My dog Bailey.  She is a Chocolate Lab and no, she was not on her way to scrub the tub.  She is a water freak.

She is the first dog we've owned that has actually willingly jumped off the pier.  Watch out if you're swimming!

Look at Bridget's face! 

Bailey with my mom's yellow lab Bindi.  I sense a theme. 

My sister's dog Saoirse (Seer-sha, Gaelic for freedom) She is the resident lifeguard and gets upset if people start jumping off the dock.  She has been known to get in the water and "rescue" us and will drag us back to shore if we grab her tail.  Funny, but the incessant barking can be a bit much. 

Between the kids and the dogs... vacations are a hoot.


  1. I am in love with your dogs .. can you bring them to BlogFest next year?

  2. They might be a bit much at Blogfest. I can pretty much guarantee that Bailey would use Gustav as a squeeky toy right after she pulls all his feathers off. We won't even discuss what she does with the stuffing

  3. There's nothing much better than a good dog! My old boy is almost thirteen...can't imagine life without him:(