Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Simple Pleasure: My Deltaville Bracelet

Every story has a bead...*

About 2 years ago while shopping in Kilmarnock, VA,  my family and I entered a small store called Specials.  While browsing, the very nice store clerk entertained my son who was around the age of 2.  We struck up a conversation with her about her unique bracelets.  They were Trollbead bracelets, something like a high end charm bracelet with charms of sterling silver or glass (they also have gold charms check it out here).  She explained how each charm had a little story or saying and that each of her charms were purchased because of some special meaning behind it.  The store carried these trollbeads and we looked at them and took a brochure.

For 2 years we talked about those bracelets.  We all thought it would be a neat way to remember our vacations- buying charms each time we came to Deltaville.  But, the start up costs of a bracelet are a little pricey, so we put the idea on hold. 

This past July 4th weekend, we took another trip to Kilmarnock to Specials.  We talked to a sales associate who said they were having a special deal on the Trollbead bracelets.  To put this agonizing narrative to rest, we ended up heading back to Kilmarnock the next day to purchase the bracelets we had been talking about for a couple of years.

My mother and I are making bracelets based on vacations/Deltaville.  My daughter is making her bracelet based on her personal life.  And my sister is making her bracelet based on memories mostly of Deltaville.  There are many things to choose from.  So far I have collected the following:

Mermaid- "The little mermaid from H.C. Andersen’s fairytale. Symbol of the female mystique and magnetism, sometimes fatal to men."  I always say I should have been born with gills and a tail, being potentially fatal to men is a bonus.  And as a Scorpio, I'm all for female mystique.

Moon Ocean- "Slowly turn this bead and it seems to come alive in your hand. It is like silver moonlight dancing on a dark ocean." I don't know about ocean, but it reminds me of water.

Jellyfish- "A transparent creature, searching for food with the help of its many tentacles. While walking along the Danish coast, it is one of the most common creatures you encounter." Self explanatory why I picked this one.  The bane of my existence.

Milky way- "Billions of stars endlessly alight in the night sky. What awaits us out there? The Milky way stretches out, millions of light years away, making us ponder how small and insignificant we are in the big picture." It reminds me of all the times I spent looking up at the sky in Deltaville, watching meteor showers (and once saw a UFO).  If it's a new moon and there aren't too many people with lights on, you can sometimes see the Milky Way which is something I don't see very often anymore. 

Hydrangea- "Pretty hydrangea flowers cover the entire surface of this bead, just as in nature they grow abundantly and close together." You can find these old fashioned flowers all over Deltaville.  They make me think of lace, butterflies and my grandmother.

Flounder- "A funny fish with a crooked mouth and eyes on the side. The most common and largest flatfish. Called a sole in England, this is a fish of many guises." Not only is this fish something we went in search of on our many fishing trips, but it's also similar to a Hogchoke, which was one of the CB names I had .

I'm sure to have something new added after I head to Deltaville this coming weekend. And the fun comes in when we all go in to look and pick out our charms together, whatever the meaning or reason may be behind our choices.

*all italicized phrases come from the Trollbead website


  1. Never heard of these but will be stopping in Specials next time I go to Kilmarnock. LOVE the mermaid and laughed out loud at the "being potentially fatal to men is a bonus." Too, too funny.

    I believe Nora and Angie are dropping by my house Sunday afternoon to retrieve something Nora left from Blog Fest. If you want to get together, let me know. Maybe we could come over to Cocomos or something.

  2. I just looked at Specials via your link and I am in love/lust with this turquoise/gold tote .. I may need to call and get the dimensions and buy it .. thanks, Jamie, I dont shop enough already .. LOVE your bead choices and the reasons ... wear them in the best of health!

  3. OOOMMMGGG!!!! I'm a Scorpio too! Oct. 28th. Now I know why I love you so much! And this braclet totally rocks! I may have to get me one.


  4. I'm in for Cocomos, just let me know time...

    CBW- The mermaid is my favorite... for many reasons...

    Daryl- I do what I can to boost the economy ;) They will ship. It's a great store, has tons of eclectic things

    Noe-Noe- I'm Oct 26th If I make it down for my birthday (which I sometimes do) we should have a kickbutt party :)