Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Heritage Day Part Two

After the festivities of the day, i.e., 5K's, crab races, shopping the vendors and watching the parade, our family gets ready to head to the large family picnic up the road. 

Midge and the Brat Child riding on Aunt Margaret's golf cart.
Notice the RV's in the background.
My family truly knows how to throw a party.
So we head over to the western side of Sturgeon Creek

It's always a good time with lots of food, lots of people and lots of laughing and story telling.
And this year, there was a band

And after/during the dancing and music, there are fireworks.


  1. Now that was a fun party ... live music, love it!

  2. Next year, I'm bringing my tent. You can call me the long lost sibling or something. Live music, fireworks, BASEBALL, and Shriners. Heaven!