Friday, July 8, 2011

Shut Up, Dog!

I love Hush Puppies.
Of course, I have yet to find any Hush Puppies that can truly compare to those made at
Taylor's Restaurant back when it had it's seafood buffet and weekend entertainment.  
The Brat Child thinks Hush Puppies are made from actual puppies.
That's because I told him they were.
He doesn't care if they taste good with ketchup,
he won't eat them because "dey are nasty! and ah-gusting!"
These Hush Puppies are pretty darn good.

The name Hush Puppies came from a time when people would fry up leftover dough, toss it to the dogs and tell them to "Hush, puppies."
Personally I like the term "shut up, dogs"
but that doesn't have the same appetizing appeal as hush puppies.
Historically, runaway slaves were said to have used Hush Puppies to feed to the Master's dogs to keep them quiet, and Union soldiers supposedly fed fried cornbread to Confederate dogs to keep them quiet.
I wonder if Confederate dogs wore the typical gray uniform or the unusual butternut?
I prefer my puppies in butter.


  1. I will comment here for those that came to my house for the fish fry... my hush puppies beat Taylor's by a mile... I use fresh puppy.. I think they used frozen.

  2. I've never had a hush puppy! They sound so good...kind of like a donut? I'll take a dozen of each please!

  3. I saw your comment on Daryl's blog about making a shell/star fish wreath
    I made one years ago and found a wreath frame at Micheal's Crafts shop that was perfect for keeping the shells in place
    thought I'd pass it on

    and I learned about Hush Puppies!!

    it's a good day :)

  4. There used to be a place back home called Bazemore's where they had the world's best hush puppies. Man, do I miss them!