Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Along route 14 headed towards Gloucester, there is an antique place called Holly Hill Farm.  My grandmother always mentioned it when we talked about going into Gloucester.  She had visited there once and enjoyed touring all the barns, outbuildings and even the house.  She enjoyed the company of the owner and proprietor.  I had never managed to visit the place myself, though I've purchased items from their stands at various festivals in the area.  So on our "shopping day" during vacation, I talked everyone into stopping by.
The teenagers were less than thrilled to be looking at old things. 
The Brat Child was thrilled because he was given a marble by the owner and was sure there was some pirate treasure there.
There were a lot of chairs.

I did managed to come across the exact kind of small table I had been thinking of getting for my entryway. 
There were other treasures that I plan on going back for. 
Anyone else think this sign is amusing?

So if you enjoy sorting through old things, or touring old buildings, I suggest checking out Holly Hill Farm


  1. I love places like that .. there's a big one up on Stamford, CT called HouseWreckers ... love the sign

  2. Guess what? The Blog Cabin folks (who are giving away a home in Mathews) stopped here too and the place was on the first show that aired last week. This house used to belong to my fifth grade English teacher, Mrs. Eleanor Martin. Her daughter used to work here, not sure if she still does. It's a wonderful house and very lovely grounds. They say the daffodils that bloom here originally came from the estate across the way - can't remember the name of it, Toddsbury? I should know this but don't have the patience to look it up. Anyway, it's a fantastic place to linger, I love it.