Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Kayaking Sturgeon Creek

There is nothing better than spending time on the water.
During our vacation this year, my mother and I rented a couple of kayaks from Lazy Days Kayak Rentals.
(We have rented from her several times and highly recommend using her).
Mom and the Brat Child who looked very much like an
Egyptian Prince being rowed down the Nile.
He's 'Pecial dontchaknow.
Midge and her friend Lizard.
I was secretly hoping one of them would fall in so I could get the shot.

Midge and her friend Lizard

We kayaked clear out to the Rivah (that would be the Rappahannock for those of you who don't know). 
Or the Rappahannatank according to the Brat Child.
It could also be the Piankahannock, I don't remember.
Brat Child with his Grandma
There is a large sandbar that stretches out into the river.
It makes for a great place to swim.

When I asked them to pose, the Brat Child said "Everyone say Hot Girls!"
I'm slightly concerned about kindergarten.


  1. Looks like a lot of fun .. this summer down along the Rivah (the Hudson .. I tried to think of some clever manipulation of Hudson but I am at a loss) there were free .. free .. free .. kayak rentals .. the word rental to me implies payment but these were FREE rentals ..

  2. HA!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That boy is something else.