Sunday, September 11, 2011

Healing Fields

I wrote an entire 9-11 anniversary blog entry and had it saved to post in the morning. 
 I wasn't pleased with the end result because it seemed a little too soap boxish and didn't really hold the message I wanted to convey.  Declaring it good enough, I got ready to run to the local Wal Mart to pick up a couple (20) flags to put out in the yard (nothing like the last minute).  As I walked out the door, I grabbed my camera- something I rarely remember to do- and headed into Hanover. 
 I knew there was some sort of memorial going on up the road from the Wal Mart and I thought I might drive by it.

In the fields in front of a local elementary school stood 3,000 flags.

Each flag had the name, age and biographical information of someone who lost their life on 9-11

You'd think that at 10:00pm there wouldn't be many people out looking at flags, but there was a steady flow of traffic into the parking area.  Cars were driving by slowly as they tried to videotape the scene. 
People of all ages and all walks of life were there. 
Kids who weren't born at the time of the tragedy played in the rows giving a little brightness
 to the otherwise somber scene with their giggles. 
Life goes on. 
Rough looking bikers with scruffy beards and pony tails wiped away tears. 
Strangers smiled and nodded at each other between the rows. 

I left and headed to get my flags.
In line with my flag bouquet, a man struck up a conversation with me.
We talked about the Healing Field down the road.
We both agreed that it didn't feel like 10 years had passed.
We shared our personal experiences of the events that unfolded in 2011.

So this evening I went from feeling like people have forgotten the togetherness that came out of such tragedy
 to having my faith renewed that we haven't completely forgotten.

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  1. Jamie, this is the most amazing post .. I am truly weeping ... those flags honoring each hero just ripped my heart out.