Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Photos of weather taken in PA
 The clouds began moving in as Irene made her way up the coast.

Many prepared by boarding up their windows to prevent damage from the expected high winds and debris.

And removing any loose items from the yard to prevent them from blowing around in the wind.

 The Jackson Family prepared too.
Like putting a cinder block on the rowboat.
(There were apparently two cinder blocks on the boat so Irene must have done something with the other one.)

And safely tying down our high quality grill.
Because after being tossed around by the tornado, smashed by a tree and thrown off the deck,
it still might work.

All in all, Irene didn't cause much damage in Deltaville.
We had the usual flotsam near the rip rap- items that probably were remnants of the tornado.
And there was evidence that the water covered the pier in a couple of feet of water, came over the rip rap
and came about 3 feet onto shore.

Sadly the Redneck Diving Board did not make it through the storm.
It floated off somewhere to litter someone else's waterfront.


  1. simply beautifully captured shots...lovely!

  2. I can see on the boat where the other cinderblock was .. there's a dent .. Irene was a real blowhard