Tuesday, November 1, 2011


At my window, sad and lonely
Oft times do I think of thee
Sad and lonely and I wonder
Do you ever think of me

Every day is sad and lonely
And every night is sad and blue
Do you ever think of me my darling
As you sail that ocean blue

At my window, sad and lonely
I stand and look across the sea
And I sad and lonely wonder
Do you ever think of me

Will you find another sweetheart
In some far and distant land
Sad and lonely now I wonder
If our boat will ever land

Ships may ply the stormy ocean
And planes may fly the stormy sky
I'm sad and lonely but remember
I'll love you till I die

Lyrics by Woody Guthrie

I stumbled upon a CD titled Mermaid Avenue featuring music written by the late Woody Guthrie and performed by Billy Bragg & Wilco.
I fell in love with it.  I think it speaks to the melancholy writer in me.  


  1. there's a mermaid parade every year through the streets of Coney Island

  2. I have a note in my Drafts e-mail folder at work with the subject line of Melancholy. I add to it every now and then. If I were to print it all out it would be pages long...

    I hear ya.