Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Beach

Wednesday was a real doozy of a day.  
Just take my word for it.  
Things started going bad the moment I stepped in the door at work and little by little they got worse and worse.  However, because my major resolution is to remain in a positive attitude (don't laugh, I can do it), I tried to focus on things that make me think in happier terms.
Like the beach.  
Doesn't matter which beach, any beach will do.  
This photo happens to be from Haven Beach in Mathews.  
One day, I'm going to sit in one of those chairs sipping wine out of a red solo cup.  
With or without company.  
Doesn't matter.  
I just want to sit and listen to the waves and the gulls, feel the sun on my skin and watch the water. 
 Or take the kayak out for a spin around the creek.  
My favorite time being the evening when the stingrays are out feeding on the sandbars.  
There's nothing like getting on amongst a school of them, feeling them bumping the kayak and watching them fly through the water.

 Or throwing endless sticks for Bailey and watching her fly through the air as she leaps off the dock.
Or walk the beach and explore.  
See what pieces of flotsam and jetsam I can find.
Take hundreds of photos.
And not give a damn about anything else.

So yes, Wednesday was bad, but each new day brings the promise of being something different- something better. 

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  1. I'll join you in that quest to see what's at the bottom of the Solo cup. The beach and sun and water certainly do put things into perspective.