Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Crape Myrtle

 I'd have to say that crape myrtle is one of my favorite trees.  
I'm certain this is mostly because crape myrtles and Deltaville go hand in hand.  
This particular tree was planted by my great uncle affectionately known as Pepop.  
That's Pepop's former home in the background.

 I remember when this tree was only about 5 feet tall.
I was only about 3.5 feet tall so it seemed to tower over me.

 And like an old friend it was there to great me summer after summer. 
Even long after Pepop passed away, after Memom sold the house, 
and after the new owners sold the house it stayed.
It was the one constant.

 September 2010, something prompted me to take some photos of it.  
I can't really say what the motivation was.  
Maybe it was thinking of a future blog post.  
Or maybe it was some annoying thought in the back of my mind
that it might be gone one day.
Sadly, the tornado in April 2011 damaged the tree and it was removed. 


  1. oh no .. how sad ... crape myrtle is one of my favorite flowering trees

  2. Thanks to you, it isn't entirely gone. I love these trees too.