Monday, July 9, 2012

Heritage Day 2012

As usual, Deltaville's Heritage Day hosted several vendors.

I posted this just for you CBW

The Brat Child and Midge ready for the parade

The Brat Child sporting his pirate face paint

 There were the grand marshals and the 50 odd emergency vehicles
 And then there was the Delorean

 And yes, I did yell, "Where's the Flux Capacitor?!"
To which Midge responded, "Geez, Mom, geek much?"

 This year was different in that there weren't 2,000 Shriners.  There were only 7.

The horse was a new and welcome addition
There weren't the usual number of crowds most likely because if the record heat and/or the storm that went through the night before. 
The day was capped off with a Deltaville Deltas ball game and fireworks.
But that's a story for another post.