Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Falling Apples

Yesterday was a snow day.  
That's right, it was March 25th and we had a snow day.   
In fact, we had the biggest amount of snow we've all all winter, err, spring.

So, while I was making the Brat Child's lunch-
which consisted of bologna and mustard cut in a specific way with exactly 2 pieces of bologna and mustard on each piece of bread and between the bologna-
I wondered where in the world he got his peculiar food issues.

And then it hit me.
When I was younger I would eat 2 things regularly:
a cheese sandwich that had to be cut exactly in quarters-
squares not triangles
or a bologna sandwich with mayo
and only Oscar Mayer bolonga.

I was thinking about a time I was over at Pepop and Memom's house
and I asked to stay for lunch.
Memom said, "Only if you bring your own bologna."
So I went over to our trailer and got my bologna out of the fridge.
I ran back over to Pepop's clutching my Oscar Mayer,
barged into the house waving the yellow package yelling
"I brought my bologna!"
Turns out Memom was joking.
Also turns out that apple of mine didn't fall too far from the mama tree.


  1. He has your love of Water Sands too, and that's important.

  2. ah food issues .. for a whole year i ate nothing but sliced tomato on Wonder Bread with mayo ...