Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Spring is a busy time of year.  
Crocuses and daffodils are blooming, trees are budding, grass is growing and 
Osprey are returning to their nests. 

As for me, I'm knee deep in work when I'd rather be knee deep in water.
Or maybe not water, but on the beach at least.  
This time last year I was getting ready to head south to visit with some friends.
I'm anxious to have another relaxing weekend, but it has to wait until April.
I have a new grown up DSLR camera I'm itching to use
and friends I'm itching to see.


  1. Looking forward to it assuming it all works out. That exact same group featured above needs to head to Merroir for the afternoon. You will not be sorry.

  2. four of my favorite faces ... i think i need a fix of you'all