Thursday, May 23, 2013


The last time I was in Deltaville, 
I took some time to walk through the plowed field just to see what, if anything, was there.
Among the tall grass I found:
Someone's crab steamer

and someone's basketball.

Both remnants of the tornado that touched down in our little town 2 years ago.
The rebuilding process is still ongoing.
The Baptist church as a new steeple
and most of the homes have been rebuilt
(some much larger than they were originally- and thus removing the quaint feel of Jackson Acres).
The trees, of course, will never be replaced in my lifetime, and that hurts the most.
But my feelings of hurt and devastation can not compare with
what those in Oklahoma must be feeling.

My thoughts and prayers go out to those affected by Mother Nature.


1 comment:

  1. Ugh. I flashed back to the Gloucester-Deltaville tornado too. Just horrible.

    The shot with the crab steamer is great. How it got there isn't great, but the picture is.

    Enjoy this weekend. Stop by if you can.