Friday, May 31, 2013


Sunset Piankatank River
I had this whole blog post planned out.
I wrote it in my head while driving.
It was great.
It was positive.
All about how I was going to "let the sun set" on my worries and issues 
and push myself to be more content.
There was even a little math humor thrown in 
about having a goal of 3 blog posts a week on 3 different blogs
(I mis-multiplied, it was funny, trust me) 
But because of more crap news about a particularly stressful
craptastic situation, 
I just don't have the heart to be amusing
(except for using the word craptastic which is mildly barely amusing).
It seems that I'm in the Land of the Midnight Sun
and I don't know when the sunset is going to be.
Like knowing exactly when to end those annoying repetitive songs.
Like Michael Finnegan of the whiskers on his chin-a-gan.
Despite that, I'm going to push forward with the goal 
of 3 per week per blog (3) which is 9 per week 
not 27 like I thought this morning. 
Starting next week.
 Because eventually the sun sets even in the Land of the Midnight Sun.

And for your listening pleasure...

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  1. my math skillz are so poor i likely wouldnt have noticed ... i hope things brighten up for you