Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Dynamic Duo
Many years ago, there were two ornery children.  
(Very smart ornery children seen incognito above)
And in Deltaville there was a certain older adult we shall refer to as 
Mr. X.
Mr. X was a curmudgeon
and he regularly had differences of opinion with Pepop
and other members of our family. 
Think Hatfields and McCoys
but without the guns
and shooting people.
One summer, the above mentioned hooligans
devised a plan to prank Mr. X.
On Mr X's property there was a little corner fence marking his property line
and it had a large prominent sign with his name carved in it.

Fence as it appears today
So these pranksters decided to make a new sign and tape it over the existing one.
The blonde brat (the artist of the duo) carefully lettered the words
she even made them appear 3-D so they would stand out.
Under  OLD FART she added
While waiting for nightfall, 
the brats did several reconnaissance walks and made a map of The Point
noting who had dogs they left out at night, 
who had motion sensor lights and who had those dusk to dawn lights.
They determined the best possible path to Mr. X's yard that would prevent detection.
They also took the time to find a clear plastic bag to slide the sign into
so the morning dew or any possible rain showers wouldn't ruin it. 
And they got the duct tape.
That night around midnight, we, I mean the brats,
dressed all in dark clothing.
The two even used their Grandmother's new pantyhose to make masks.
While laughing at our pig faces in the pantyhose masks,
they woke up Miss P.
"What are you girls doing??!"
"Going for a walk."
"Then why are you wearing pantyhose on your heads?"
"To prevent mosquito bites." (Truly, these two had an answer for everything)
Realizing that Miss P wasn't buying the cover story, 
the brats explained the plan showing Miss P the map and the sign.
They were pretty sure that would be the end of a very clever plan.
Then Miss P said, "I better go with you so you don't get in trouble."
Off they went with Miss P serving as lookout.
The next morning, the two took several walks around The Point to admire their handiwork. 
Then Pepop called them over.
"Seems someone put a sign on Mr. X's fence."
"Really? Wow wonder who would do something like that?"
"Yeah, I wonder."
"We went for a walk and didn't see a sign"
"Well a couple of older ladies saw it and took it down, they believe 
some hoodlum teens from Gloucester did it.
So you might want to stop walking by the property in case someone gets the wrong idea 
and thinks the two of you had anything to do with it."

You really gotta watch those hoodlum teens from Gloucester.

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