Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Did Megalodons Roam the Rappahannock?

The quick answer is: yes.
The Rappahannock River is part of the area known as The Yorktown Formation
which includes the Rappahannock, Potomac, Piankatank, York and James Rivers.
It is highly fossiliferous 
(that's an actual word. I love it).
While the most common fossils found are those from bivalves 
(clams, oysters, mussels, scallops,etc)
there are those lucky people who have managed to find Meg teeth
(Currently there is a megalodon tooth from the Rappahannock
 for sale on eBay for $2,300).

So far, the only teeth I've managed to find
were small ones
but I'm still hoping for that big Meg tooth find.


  1. We used to find the smaller teeth along the Piankatank when I was a kid. My grandmother took us down a road in the Cobbs Creek area before most of the waterfront was developed. We always came home with a handful. (Nothing as big as a Megaladon though.)

  2. didn't roam the river. They are here because this area used to be the ocean millions of years ago.