Thursday, August 8, 2013

Great Mother's Teeth

After my grandmother passed away, 
my dad and his siblings found a box she had in her dresser
marked "sharks teeth".
Inside were several old teeth.
My dad thought it was something the Brat Child would like to have 
to remember his "Great Mother" by.
We were all a little perplexed
over why in the world she would have a box of shark teeth 
in her jewelry box.
After reading up on all the fossil teeth in the area of the Rappahannock
and seeing the condition of the teeth (they look pretty old and beat up),
I'm fairly certain they're teeth she and my grandfather found.
The Brat Child, 
well, he thinks it would be cool to pull out his own teeth and replace them with these.


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  2. Go to Breezy Point in Calvert County, we go hunting for shark teeth there all the time. We have a big brandy snifter that's about 1/2 full.

    They have campgrounds, cabins for rent. Good times.

    And if the brat child gets his teeth replaced, I want to see pictures.

  3. Deleted my previous comment, massive typos. Need more coffee.