Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Water Dogs

This is Bailey my 6 year old chocolate Lab.
She is a seal water dog.
This is Jake my 7 month-ish rescue mutt dog.
It was Jake's first time in the water.
He seemed to take to it pretty quick.
But after a few times of chasing the stick,
he shook off and was reluctant to get back in.
While he's got some Labrador Retriever in him,
he doesn't have the Lab insulated coat
and the water was just too darn cold.
 So he stayed on the beach and waited for Bailey to do the heavy lifting.
That's Big E's 9 year old Lab/Border Collie mix shadow on the right.
She also preferred Bailey to do the work.
Then they all had a 3-way tug of war.
Jake won.
Though I think it had more to do with the older girls
thinking he's an annoying younger brother
and it was easier to just let him have it and wait for the next one.
In the end, we had a very wet and sandy car 3 pretty tired dogs.

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