Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Our Fossil Finds

 Here are some of the things we found during our fossil hunt
at Flag Ponds Nature Park 
We found some brain coral.
 Some stingray teeth.
 Yes, they have teeth.
 And of course some shark teeth.
22 shark teeth to be exact.
This was the best find.
It's from a Snaggletooth Shark.
It 's a shark that is extinct,
though there are similar Snaggletooth sharks living 
in the Indo-West Pacfic.

 Some of our teeth were from Hammerheads.

 Lemon Sharks

And Thresher Sharks.

I'm anxious to see what all I can find this weekend at Shark Tooth Island.
Big E is going to make some sifters for us to use
similar to the ones we borrowed from friend for our trip to Flag Ponds.
I can't wait to go hunting again!

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