Wednesday, September 3, 2014

More Teeth

 We took another trip out to Shark Tooth Island.
We ended up going at high tide
and the wind was blowing steady so it was pretty rough.
There was hardly any beach visible.
But we thought we might find something
since the water had been lapping against the cliffs.
 We managed to find 6 shark teeth.
 Three of them
(the longest ones)
are from a Sand Tiger Shark
It's very scary looking
but is actually quite docile.
The other teeth were from a 
Tiger Shark
The other is a possible 
Atlantic Angel Shark tooth

They're shaped a lot like a stingray
and hunt prey by burying themselves in the sand.
They aren't dangerous unless you mess with it,
then it has the ability to inflict severe lacerations.
So even though it looks kind of like a flattened dragon,
don't pet it.
 When we were ready to leave, 
we had to hike out to the boat.
But the water was warm
even if the wind was chilly.

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