Monday, September 15, 2014

Virginia's Best Ice Cream

There's a little ice cream place we like to go called Short Lane.
They make homemade ice cream
and it is to die for.
It was recently voted best ice cream place in Eastern VA.
The place is awesome.
I love the decor and color scheme.
There's plenty of seating either at the booths near the counter, 
the spots outside
or the upstairs seating area inside.
The building used to be a Post Office and General Store.
They also have some old fashioned candies and drinks.
And you can even take a gallon home with you.
My favorite flavor is Cookies & Cream,
Big E likes to try new stuff 
(he's more adventurous than I)
but his favorite so far is the Spumoni 
(but they haven't had that recently).
None of the flavors are bad.
It's definitely worth the drive to Gloucester!
Check them out!
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  1. It definitely is awesome ice cream! I interviewed the owner and wrote an article on this back when I worked for Chesapeake Style Magazine. It's the real deal and the greatest ice cream around. They also own a produce (and more) place in Gloucester Court House proper.

  2. been there (we have a seasonal cottage on Gwynn) with grandchildren now 7 and 3.

  3. CBW- I'll have to check that produce stand out. I love, love love their ice cream!

    Robert- I love Gwynn's Island! I have a 10 month old grandson and I'll be taking him down to Deltaville for the first time this month.