Friday, October 31, 2014

shots from the water

So during my last trip to Aaron's Beach,
I spent most of the time floating around in the water.  
I enjoy having my feet firmly on the ground, 
or at least knowing I can put my feet firmly on the ground.
Big E tends to go out as far as he can, 
even if he can't touch the bottom.
(that's him in the above photo where the arrow is)
So he tries to take me out in the deep
with all those sharks and things in the water.
I broke free from his grip on my floaty screaming and running for shore
resisted at first
then I realized
1. I have a waterproof camera and
2. I could get some shots from the water
Can't say the cormorants were pleased with the invasion,
and I was extremely worried about the waves
bashing me against the pilings.
But I'm glad I ventured out in the deep.
Next time hopefully the waves won't be so big
and I won't have trouble taking shots while bobbing up and down.

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