Monday, December 15, 2014

Photo Challenge

#6 Shopping- 
not that I got much accomplished 
since I had both Big E and the Brat child with me.
Neither one is keen on shopping.

#7 Bright. 
No explanation needed

#8 Ornament-
This is my flying pig ornament.
The pig is actually an example of Scherenschnitte
which in German literally translates to "scissors cut".
It's the art of cutting paper into decorative designs.

#9 Something You're Reading-
Picked this up at REI (my new favorite store)
in order to learn some things for the big hike in October.

#10 Wrapping Paper

#11 Green

#12 A Beautiful Sight
Our church Christmas tree-
not only is it beautiful, but so are the handstitched Chrismons
and the fact that the Brat Child was so thrilled to help in the decorating.

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