Monday, December 8, 2014

Photo Phriday (on Monday)

I'm a slacker, I know, but things get hectic and time disappears and suddenly 
it's Sunday night and you're laying in bed and you realize 
that you never blogged the photos on Friday like you intended.  
You also realize you forgot to do something with the Elf on the Shelf- 
who is really the Elf on the Top of the Refrigerator 
because that's where you toss him after each day's shenanigans.  
But despite this, you stay in bed and channel Scarlett O'Hara 
and decide to worry about it tomorrow.
So, here are the first 5 photos, 
and I promise I'll get back on my designated schedule
(like there's anyone out there reading this and disappointed I didn't blog on Friday)
Day 1: My View
(outside my office)
Day 2: Favorite Holiday Movie
(Miracle on 34th Street- actually Big E's favorite)
Day 3: Red
(Our family ornament at church)
Day 4: Joyous
(The first married couple Christmas tree)
Day 5: Today's Temperature
(It's really just rain and extreme fog but looks as cold as it was)

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