Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Doing Things Differently

Normally this is the time of year that I make an exhaustive list of resolutions 
of things I want to completely change about myself.  
And then, 
around December 30th or so, 
I get all depressed when I review the list and realize 
I never managed to complete any of them. 

So this year, I don't have resolutions.  

This year, I have just one goal: 
Hike the Maryland section of the Appalachian Trail. 

By preparing to complete this goal,
I need to be healthier and get into backpacking shape,
 something that's typically on my resolution list. 
 But now they aren't the main goal, just part of the process. 
 The goal is a fun adventure that I'm really excited to do and I think 
that's the key.

So, now that the new year is here, I've begun seriously planning.  
I went on a small hike on January 1st 
(the very day after puking my guts out from a stomach virus- what can I say, I'm dedicated). 
 There are many other hikes planned and the whole family is involved.

This is going to be MY year

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