Friday, January 9, 2015

Stingray Point

I'm not a fan of change,
and change in Deltaville is worse than change anywhere else.
I'd really prefer it still be the way it was back in the 80's
when the Stop N Shop was still there
and The Little Sue was still The Little Sue
and there wasn't any traffic.
But most of all, 
I'd still like to be able to swim here 
at Stingray Point.
I wish I could build giant sand sculptures of sharks and crabs 
with my son the way I used to build them when I was his age.
Or try to catch minnows in buckets,
float around on a raft
or dig in the sand looking for Captain Smith's body
(he didn't die there but as a kid I thought he had and thought he was buried on the beach).
change sucks.

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