Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Creepy Guy

On our road there is a house and in that house lives The Creepy Guy (key dramatic music). 

I'm sure that this man, and elderly gentleman, is quite nice.  Granted he never waves to me, even when I am waving so obnoxiously that I nearly swerve into the tree alongside the road so that he can see me.  His moniker came about one day and my cousin Kelly and I were driving into town.  As we drove by his house, we saw his head pop up in the bay window to see who was driving by.  He has little hair and the quickness he exhibited in popping up from a prone position was amazing.  My cousin said, "That was creepy!"  And that's all it took for my son to begin calling him The Creepy Guy.

Lately The Creepy Guy (yes I think of him in all caps) was sitting outside his garage watching the goins-on.  Not as creepy as the head popping thing, but he still scares me.  Ethan is fascinated by this guy.  He knows where he lives and requires updates on who saw them while in Deltaville.  The last time we were down, Ethan was curious if he had a car.  On a walk with the dogs, we went near the Creepy Guy's house.  Ethan started shrieking, "He Do! He Do have a car.  He have a truck!"

So here's to the "keepy guy" May he bring years of enjoyment for my crazy son.
Not the best pic as I was trying to nonchalantly take his photo without being notice while driving down the road at 25MPH and Ethan yelling, "You get him picture?" loudly with the windows down.


  1. This place is a haven for keepy guys, loners, recluses and crazies. Congratulations for "you get him picture" and capturing him on film - you're a braver soul than I.

    Also, unrelated to this post but related to the previous one, I love the Deltaville ball park and am impressed at your family connection to it. Many, many Mathews guys played baseball over there, and I go every now and again just to experience that wonderful place.

  2. I take pride in being one of the crazies :) I was actually betting onthe fact that the keepy buy didn't have good enough eyesight to see the camera perched on the open window. Just nonchalantly resting it there and snapping a pic when I thought he was in the frame. I love the ball park too. Lots of history there and a great place to watch a fun game and hot guys, I mean hot dogs... ;)