Thursday, January 28, 2010

Deltaville's Poet

Who knew Deltaville had its very own poet back in the day?  J. Bailey Cornelius was his name.  He was born in Deltaville in March of 1862 and in 1920 wrote a book of poems entitled Spare Moments.  Here is a selection:

Home Ties

Here's to the shores of Jackson's Creek
Where I first saw the light of day.
With its bright and sparkling waters
That unites it with the Bay.
Where we hear the seagull screaming,
And the waves roar, ring with mirth.
I wonder could I give it up
For another spot on earth.
Where we see the white winged vessels
Darting, glancing-a pretty sight;
The white and shining beaches
Stand out boldly to left and right,
And the broad Chesapeake that wash them
With its pale green waters and surf,
It would break my heart to exchange it
For another spot on earth.
Here's where friends and kindred
And the wild fowl come and go;
I take my summer evening rest
Where the cool southeaster blows;
With sand diamond studded beaches,
And the breakers dance with mirth,
Shall I ever have to leave it
For another spot on earth?
Oh, for a thousand years right here,
With friends that come and go,
And view the sunbeam sparkles
On the tide that ebbs and flows,
And hear the gladsome laughter
Mingled with the roaring surf;
Lord, I pray thee let me live,
My last day, here, on earth.

Mr. Cornelius hit it on the head.  Wish I could get my hands on a copy of that book of poems!  Perhaps I will blog one of my own poems on here...


  1. I'll have to pull one out and dust it off... probably tonight as it makes for a quick and easy blog post