Thursday, January 7, 2010

What's so Special about Deltaville...

For starters, it is the boatbuilding capital of the Chesapeake.  Or so the sign used to say.  I've been going there for 34 years.  I am 34. 
Most of my summers were spent here playing with one of my cousins, pulling crabpots, hauling fish nets, swimming and generally running amok as children do.  Pretty much things are the same now.  I hang out with my cousin, pull a few crabpots, swim and still run amok for the most part. 
It's small town America where the front page story of the local paper recounts the daring rescue of kittens thrown off a bridge into the Rappahanock.  Seriously, the story ran for a couple of weeks from the initial rescue right up to the adoption of the lucky kitties. 
It has a small town baseball team that plays in an old time ballpark that my great grandfather helped build.  I have a long family history here. 
I'm pretty sure my love of animals and nature comes from spending time here.  My great-uncle (who filled in as a grandfather when mine died) Pepop lived here.  He was next door and as a former Superintendant of Patapsco State Park in Maryland, he knew all about nature and passed on the knowledge.  He took us on fishing trips, let us pull pots and go out in the morning to haul in the net (obviously he was a master and convincing children that these chores were fun and interesting... must have read Tom Sawyer). 
The days are long and lazy and the memories warm and happy.... 

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