Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Walking along the beach, I'm going to say it was Haven Beach, I noticed this old boot.
There's lots of things to wonder about an old boot that washes up on the beach.  Like where's the corresponding foot to go with the boot?
Is there a body under the sand? Or out in the Bay floating around without a boot?
Did it blow off someone's boat during the hurrican'easter that came through?
Did a boat sink?
Or perhaps it floated down the Piankatank into the Bay and onto the beach from CBW's house.

But, seriously, where is the fisherman who owned it? 
 Is he old and weary, done with his days of fishing and crabbing the Bay? 
Did he get forgotten?
Did he end up tossed asside, abandoned, like his worn out boot?


  1. I say the boot belongs to a body that's buried in the swamp there, right near the treasure that he was looking for and came too close to discovering...

    Great pictures and very thought provoking questions.

  2. DANG IT... I told her we didn't bury him deep enough.. crap..

    I have some recon to do.. sorry got to run.

  3. I'm just glad it wasnt a rubber ducky that washed up! Whew!