Saturday, October 2, 2010

Kayaking Trip

Today, I'm too tired to say much about anything.  So, enjoy some shots I took on my last kayaking trip around Sturgeon Creek.  Photos were taken with the Brat Child's crappy camera, so I apologize now for the quality.
Both of these shots were take looking out at the Rappahannock River. 
This sandbar more or less marks the boundary between the creek and river.

This bulkhead has been here all my life and has recently fallen apart enough to allow for what used to be the normal flow of water.  On the other side of the bulkhead is the Rappahannock.  From what I can remember, some idiot woman thought it would be nice to build a bulkhead so she could make a beach.  What she did was force the channel to change and reduced the flow of water.  There were also concerns about unnatural currents forming.  I always hoped there would be a whirlpool in the middle of the creek.  How cool would that be?!

Looking down into the creek
The Rivah

Some roads lead to water.  I'm pretty sure all my roads do.


  1. So pretty .. the last shot especially is, to me, the perfect country road shot .. Kate likes to kayak and so does Tracey .. next July you 3 should take out the kayaks ... paddle up/down Queens Creek ..

  2. Gorgeous shots, crappy camera did a pretty goom job.

    I don't get around to the Rappahannock side much, if ever.

    That last shot and quote could be a poster (remember those?) or a card. Perfect words for the shot.

  3. What a great trip. The pictures tell a good story. Next time I'm going with you!

  4. What's wrong with the photos? I think they're really nice. What a beautiful area.

  5. The more the merrier... hoping to have a second kayak for next year and should be able to haul them to BlogFest. Thanks CG, I didn't use the really bad pics, these were ok, just not as crisp as my camera would have taken