Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Lesson in Manners

Many adults complain about the lack of manners in today's youth.  Interesting that today, one adult got a lesson from none other than my darling Brat Child- the absolute last person I would expect to school someone in politeness. 

Today I ventured out to the local grocery store to get snack items for today's big game (that would be the Ravens vs Squeelers matchup in NFL playoffs).  Brat Child was hell bent on getting donuts- "BIG donuts not the wittle ones in the bag but the chockit covered ones with no stuff innit just the plain insides and chockit frosting."  So while I was off getting my French Onion dip for my chips, I sent Big Sis off with the Brat Child to get the donuts.  The following story was told to me by Big Sis...

There was this woman taking forever to pick out her donuts and there was only one chocolate covered donut left.  I kept tell BC that I would get him that last donut just so the woman knew not to take it.  She finally gets out of the way and I go to to get BC's donut and this other woman practically pushes me out of the way and BC says, "Excuse ME Wady!" The woman just looks at him but she backs up and I get the donut.  Then BC picks a chocolate frosted donut shaped like a football and there's one left so I go to get it and the woman gets huffy because she wanted it.  She tries to push me out of the way again so BC stands right in front of both doors at the donut display and spreads his arms out and his legs and stands there in front of the specialty donuts saying, "hmmm which one I want?" 

At the end of her story Big Sis says, "I swear, Mom, he's just like you.  But that lady deserved it"

Go Ravens!

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