Monday, January 21, 2013

Monday Celebrations

Sorry to interrupt the normally scheduled blog post, but I have some celebrating to do.  
My football team is going to the Superbowl!

It was a crazy year for this team.  
One of our defensive starters tore his achilles tendon in the offseason.
It required surgery.
Art Modell, the former owner and man responsible for bringing football back to Baltimore passed away in September.
Our player Torrey Smith suffered the loss of his brother.
Then one after another, the injuries piled up.
Most of our defensive line was injured at one point or another.
Members of our offensive line were injured.
Triceps, biceps, ankles, knees, chest, neck/spinal cord, consussions....
What started as a strong season seemed to be winding down with losses adding up.
Including this loss where I lost a bet and had to wear this Redskins sweatshirt all the way home on the Metro
 We got into the playoffs because someone else lost.
It seemed as though we might not get past the forst playoff game.
Then, The General of the team Ray Lewis announced this would be his last season.
And he would be playing in the Playoffs after a triceps injury that kept him out of the game since October.
There was new fire.
Our injured guys were healed, the team had something to prove, and everyone wanted Ray to go as far as possible in the postseason.
Our first playoff game we were the underdogs.
We won.
Our second playoff game we were underdogs.
We won. 
(And produced one of the best games I've ever watched in any sport).
Our third and final game for the AFC Championship we were underdogs.
We won. 
So basically there's this to learn.
No matter what crap you have thrown at you.
No matter what adversities, personal losses, injuries or public opinions are forced on you.
You can persevere.



  1. Our Ravens have been just awesome in the playoffs!!! And, we are still viewed as the underdogs for the Superbowl, that seems to work for us.

    That must have been a tough ride home in the Redskins sweatshirt.

  2. Woooooooohoooooooooo, girlfriend! We did it!