Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Another Dream

Trust me, this isn't what you're expecting, unless you ever saw the other blog post about A Dream.

I had a dream the other night.  I was having a sleepover at CBW's house with a couple of friends. 
There was, of course wine involved.

Then trouble strikes.
CBW's boot phone rings.
Okay, I admit to some creative editing.  It was a shoe phone, not a boot phone, but CBW mentioned these zebra print boots she has, and, well, I think they add a little something-something to the story.
Anyway, her boot phone rings because secretly, we're secret agents.
Like James Bond. 
So we race to our boat.
(I'm not sure why CBW looks like she's doing a zombie walk.  I'm sure she doesn't really run like that)
It isn't a fancy boat, more like a crabbing boat you'd find down in the Tidewater region of Virginia.
The Captain of our boat was a prime specimen of man-flesh: Javier Bardem.
(I can't draw Javier, and I know the illustration looks like a Midget driving the boat, 
but trust me, it was Javier) 

And CBW was all like, "Kiss me, Javier!"

So we get in the boat and cruise out to see what the emergency is.
We find that a large whirlpool has developed around the island housing the lighthouse.
There were lots of boats trapped in the swirling waters.
That's when I noticed the lighthouse looked like this:
If you thought "mushroom" you'd be correct though "phallic symbol" also pops up.
Pun Intended.
So, basically, that's the end of my basically meaningless dream. 
And a message to all of you not to eat cucumbers with Laughing Cow Garlic and Herb spreadable cheese before bedtime.


  1. I will be returning to this often and laughing harder each time.

  2. This is the best post ever. I love the hair on Javier's chest. And the Zombie run down the dock. I love that he's carrying me on his back and I'm about to kiss him.

    And the...ahem..mushroom lighthouse is, of course, truly "something else."

  3. This was inspired by true dream events, I'm sorry I woke up before the end. Of course between the mushroom lighthouse and your make out sessions with Javier, maybe it's a good thing. Javier's hairy chest gave me some trouble, I attempted a 'treasure trail' but he ended up looking like a midget Bigfoot.

  4. I so appreciate the attempt at a treasure trail. He looks good no matter what. That's the beauty of Javier...

  5. Deltaville Jamie, I follow CBW's blog, and have to bust in here to commend you on this brilliant post...and tomorrow I plan to go to the supermarket to buy large quantities of cucumbers and that Laughing Cow spreadable cheese. Well worth it, if it will make me dream about mushrooms and Javier Bardem.

  6. "Pop's up?" (Sigh) I remember when Husband could do that.

    You sure captured CBW...especially the part about, "...she was all like, "Kiss me Javier."

    I'm having lots of dreams. Last night Isabel Horsley (a real estate broker hereabouts) let me know Husband was paying the rent for a twenty-something, and let's just say I was moving toward violence. Then I woke up.

  7. Bwahahahaha!!! Wait. How come NNG and I aren't secret agents?

  8. LOVE this and like CBW i will be coming back here for giggles ..

  9. Absolutely hilarious! Between you, CBW, and CB Momma, I am really, really begining to think there is something in the water over there. I'll be thinking about thiis one for long....long.....time!

  10. LLC- I also recommend Gorgonzola stuffed green olives before bed for odd dreams, though the cukes and Laughing Cow cheese is probably more palatable.

    Wild- I know of Ms. Horsley, she has an office in the 'Ville. If nothing is popping these days, you probably don't need to worry about twenty-somethings ;)

    BHE- You guys probably were, but once the dream shifted and included Javier, it really ended up being about CBW and Javier and a giant phallic lighthouse.

    Daryl- I crack myself up sometimes. I have been laughing over the whole CBW/Javier photo.

    Dghawk- I think it's the salty air.