Monday, December 23, 2013

Favorite Things

One thing I enjoy doing at Christmas is revisiting favorite ornaments.  
Of course, most of them are favorites in some way since most have some story about why they were purchased, or who they were from.  
But there are a few that are a little more special.  
(And they're all Deltaville related which makes sense since this is a blog 
that's supposed to be all about Deltaville)
So in addition to the (2) horseshoe crab ornaments and
the row boat with Deltaville, VA on the side,
here are a few of my favorite things
This angel ornament is at least 30 years old
(these are all at least 30 years old really)
and was tied to a gift given to me from Pepop and Memom.
I have no clue what the gift was anymore, 
but I still have the ornament.

I remember picking this ornament at Valley View Farms
in Baltimore.
I got it because it was a green boat like Pepop's boat Pigpen.
It's had to under go a few repairs 
but is otherwise the same as when I got it.
And this was another Pepop gift
(sense a theme here?)
This one is dated 1981 and features 
Miss Piggy and Kermit (on the other side).
So this concludes my little walk down memory lane
and concludes blog posts until the new year.
I will, of course, make a resolution to blog more regularly in 2014.
We'll see.

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