Sunday, February 14, 2010

Crazy Weather

In keeping with the theme of unwanted/weird weather (and I won't mention the 4 letter S word even though we're supposed to get MORE tomorrow night...)

One April, I think it was 2006, the family assembled in Deltaville for Easter.  It was very warm out so I let Bridget take the kayak out on the creek.  While my aunt, uncle and I were sitting on the swing watching her paddle around, we noticed the wind pick up.  I called Bridget to head back in and we hauled the kayak back up on dry land.  The sky grew ominously black though we didn't get any rain.  As the clouds blew past, we noticed a strange cloud forming on the tail end of the storm clouds.....
It was an awesome sight to see.  It never touched down where we could see, but did end up producing a waterspout further up the river near the Bay.  There were no reports of injury or damage thankfully.
PS in one photo I think you might be able to see one of my well known flying monkeys.


  1. Oh, those water spouts are treacherous, we get them every now and then. Deltaville gets all the worst thunderstorms. Sometimes they'll pass us over, but the lightning is always popping over Deltaville way.

    Those are GREAT photos, by the way.

  2. Great photos! I've seen water spouts over the ocean in So CA, but they never come ashore.

  3. Thanks for the compliments, it was mostly luck- right place right time and with the camera... it is the first (and only) tornado/waterspout I've ever seen...