Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Good Book

This is what my yard looks like right now.  26" of snow.  The good news- I finally dug the driveway out and made several trenches for the dog in the backyard.  The bad news- we are once again under a Winter Weather Warning and have 10-20" of snow headed our way once again.  (Insert shrieking here). 

Luckily, I was smart and went to the library prior to the first massive snow storm and made sure I had enough books for myself and my son to get us through.  Which is where the title of this blog comes in.  There is nothing better than a good book whether it's because you're snowed in under 80 2 feet of white I-think-I-have-a-hernia-developing crap snow or relaxing in a hammock, relaxing on the pier or even better- relaxing on the beach in the sun. 

Deltaville and good books seem synonymous.  Meaning that for every trip south, I make sure I have plenty of reading material.  And I also make sure that I have a stockpile of reading material there waiting.  I love to read, and I read fast.  So, I can burn through 2-3 books easy if I have a week with not much going on. 

In Deltaville, life slows down and the book comes out.  There are usually 2 places I can be found reading (other than in the house): the hammock and the pier.  The hammock is the perfect reading spot.  Sometimes it takes some maneuvering to get in and get  comfortable.  My shirt rides up a bit and I can feel the ropes of the hammock against my skin and I know I'm going to have hatch marks on my back, but I don't care.  My right foot drapes over the edge to offer just enough push to keep the hammock in a gentle swing as I read.  I always doze off listening to the whomp-whomp-whomp of the jet skis jumping waves and the gentle humming of the boat engines going in and out. 
(This is actually a pic of my sister. I took this pic only because the rest of the family was working hard while she was laying in the hammock)

Sometimes I like to go down on the pier and read.  If the tide is high enough, I simply lay down on the pier with my feet dangling in the water.  It isn't the most comfortable way to read a book, but having my toes wet makes the difference.  And if I'm still enough, minnows sometimes come along and nibble at my feet (not sure if anyone saw the reports on the very expensive pedicure treatment where people stick their feet in a bucket of water full of minnows that eat all the dead skin off your feet- same thing only mine is free).

But the best place to read a book is on the beach.  Whether it's sitting in the chair at the water's edge or lying in the sand, nothing beats a good book on the beach.  The waves rolling onto shore, the kids laughing and playing in the water, the shore birds and their various cries.... even the feel of the sand adds to the overall enjoyment.
This is my mother.  I have her picture here because I am always the one behind the camera.

And sometimes the best place to read is in a soft bed at the end of a loooong day.

My son- fell asleep reading after a long day on the beach- just like his mom.


  1. There's nothing quite like a hammock. In the dictionary next to the definition of relaxation, there's a picture of a hammock.